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Thursday 21st May 2015 at Red Bones Blues Cafe at 7:00 PM Film / 8:30 PM concert / Adm: 800$

Inna de Yard all stars with special appearanceo of

Cedric Myton "The Congos" / Max Romeo / Kiddus I / Leroy Horsemoth Wallace

Earl Chinna Smith / Robbie Lynn / Ozou'ne Sundalyah / Ken Boothe / Jhamiela Smith

previous the concert screening of the Documentary about Inna de Yard

"the Art of making Music a Way of Life" by Markus Egloff


2013-2015 every Friday evening at "sweet calabash" (Kensinton Crestent, Kingston Jamaica)

free concerts and Ustream event;

innadiyard  radiomelchizedek coming back



all about the Documentary "The Art of making Music a Way of Life"

starring: Earl "Chinna" Smith, Kiddus I, Bob Andy, Ken Boothe, Johnny "Dizzy" Moore,

Ken Bob, Ozou'ne Sundalyah, Winston "Bopee" Bowen, Nathan Sabanayagam and many more

watch  Trailer

Listen to the Soundtrack, also available on CD baby and I tunes:

Grassyardproductions Vol. 01  

Kiddus I - Green fa Life          

Sabrina Pallini - Holy Salad    






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